Puppy Training

Welcome to Southern Aussiedoodles’ Puppy Training Program!

At Southern Aussiedoodles, we believe that a well-trained puppy is a happy puppy. Our comprehensive training program is designed to guide your puppy through essential training stages, from basic manners to advanced commands. Whether you’re a first-time puppy owner or looking to enhance your puppy’s skills, our professional trainers are here to help.

Why Choose Southern Aussiedoodles for Puppy Training?

Experienced Trainers

Our team of experienced trainers specializes in positive reinforcement techniques that promote learning and build a strong bond between you and your puppy. We have over 20 years of combined experience. We use a mixture of staff  trainers and our Junior trainers so that your puppy will learn to respond to commands from a variety of people so that when they go to your home they will more readily adapt to working with your family. We train your puppy. Then at pickup, we spend time training you to duplicate the methods we used so you can continue working with your puppy at home.

Puppy Pre-K

We cover all the essential training basics, including walking on a leash, basic commands ( Sit, down, off, come, watch me), and crate training. Our goal is to establish a strong foundation of good behavior and manners that can be built on once they go home. Puppy Pre-K is a 2 wk trining program.

Puppy Kindergarten

Puppies can also stay for an additional 2 wks of Puppy Kindergarten Training following Pre-K graduation.  Kindergarten training includes: on going crate & leash training as well as building on the commands learned in Pre-K ( Introduction to place/settle, wait, recall, and kennel up), riding in the car, and grooming manners.   Our training programs allow families to enjoy having a puppy without all of the hard phases!

30 Day Advanced Training with Potty Training

Every puppy is unique, and so is our approach to training. We tailor our training plans to meet the specific needs and temperament of your puppy, ensuring effective and enjoyable learning experiences. Ocassionally we have a family that knows they will struggle with potty training. We offer a 30 day Board and train program where your puppy lives in our trainer’s home 24/7 for 30 days after Puppy Pre-K training and the focus is on potty training, continued socialization, building on commands and riding in a car as well as learning all the nuiances of co-existing in home setting. 

Positive Reinforcement

Our training methods are based on positive reinforcement, ensuring your puppy learns in a supportive and encouraging environment. We use treats, praise, and play to motivate and reward good behavior.

Partnership for Self-training

For families who love to train their own puppy we offer a unique partnership with Baxter and Bella Training.  It is an on demand Training Program that allows you to have 24/7  access to AKC Certified Experts who will provide instruction, & Training support in the comfort of your own home. Membership also includes the ability to have one on one zoom meetings to discuss your specific training challenges with your puppy with one of their trainers without any additional costs!  Our partner access code gives you a 25% discount on lifetime access which is a very cost effective training program and is equivalent cost wise, to doing one 8 wk training session at one of the pet mega stores.

Enroll Your Puppy Today!

Ready to give your puppy the gift of good behavior? Enroll in our Puppy Training Program and set the foundation for a happy and well-mannered companion.

At Southern Aussiedoodles, we are committed to helping your puppy grow into a well-behaved and confident dog. Join our training program and watch your puppy thrive!

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