How Our Puppies Are Raised

Welcome to Southern Aussiedoodles! We are dedicated to raising healthy, happy, and well-socialized puppies in a loving and nurturing environment. Our unique approach ensures that each puppy gets the best start in life, preparing them to become cherished members of their new families.

Our 10-Acre Farm: A Puppy Paradise

At Southern Aussiedoodles, our puppies are raised on a beautiful 10-acre farm, providing them with ample space to explore, play, and grow. The combination of our indoor and outdoor facilities ensures that our puppies experience the best of both worlds, promoting their physical and mental well-being. We have a pond for swimming, jungle gyms for playing and sofas for lounging and snuggling!  We raise puppies with Puppy Culture Curriculum that encourages social, mental and physical development by providing puppies wiith a foundation of experiences and skills that will help nuture them as they grow into confident, well adjusted new family members. 

Indoor Comforts: Climate-Controlled and Cozy

Our indoor facilities are climate-controlled with air conditioning to keep our puppies comfortable year-round. The indoor area is designed to be a safe and cozy environment where puppies can relax, sleep, and receive care from our dedicated staff. Cleanliness and hygiene are top priorities, ensuring a healthy living space for our puppies.

Outdoor Adventures: Space to Explore and Play

Our expansive outdoor area offers plenty of room for our puppies to run, play, and explore. The outdoor environment is carefully maintained to provide a safe and stimulating space where puppies can develop their social and physical skills. With supervised playtimes, our puppies enjoy the benefits of fresh air, exercise, and socialization with their littermates and other animals on the farm.

Dedicated Professional Staff: Loving and Experienced Care

Our team of professional staff members is passionate about the well-being of our puppies. With years of experience and a deep love for animals, our staff provides round-the-clock care, ensuring each puppy’s needs are met. From feeding and grooming to socialization and early training, our team is dedicated to nurturing well-rounded and confident puppies.

Socialization and Early Training: Building a Strong Foundation

We believe that early socialization and training are crucial for a puppy’s development. Our puppies are exposed to a variety of sights, sounds, and experiences to help them grow into well-adjusted and confident dogs using Puppy Culture curriculm. We introduce basic training concepts, such as litter box training and introduction to crate training,  Early Neurological Stimulation exercises (ENS), and  Barrier challenges to give our puppies a head start in their new homes.

Health and Wellness: Top Priority

The health of our puppies is our top priority. We work closely with our veterinarian to ensure that each puppy receives regular health check-ups, vaccinations, and deworming treatments recommended by our Veterinarian. Our puppies are fed a high-quality diet with no artificial coloring or preservatives to support their growth and development. In addition, all of our adults and puppies are fed high quality supplements starting in utero into adulthood. Pupies go home with age appropriate shots and wormed every 2 weeks.

Family Integration: Preparing Puppies for Their New Homes

At Southern Aussiedoodles, we understand the importance of preparing our puppies for their new families. We provide ongoing support and guidance to new puppy owners, ensuring a smooth transition and successful integration into their new homes. Our goal is to raise puppies that are not only healthy and happy but also well-prepared for their new life with you.

Visit Us and Meet Our Puppies

We invite you to schedule an appointment to visit our farm and meet our puppies in person. Seeing how our puppies are raised and cared for will give you peace of mind and confidence in choosing a Southern Aussiedoodle puppy for your family. We follow strict biosecurity protocols for your visit as designed by our vet to safeguard the safety and integrity of our puppies and our facility.

At Southern Aussiedoodles, we are committed to raising exceptional puppies in a loving and nurturing environment. Come and see the difference for yourself!

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