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At Southern Aussiedoodles, we provide optional comprehensive training to ensure our puppies are well-mannered, responsive, and ready to integrate smoothly into their new homes. Our training programs focus on socialization, basic commands, and positive behavior reinforcement. We offer Puppy Pre-K Training where our puppies stay for an additional 2 wks  for crate training, leash training and basic commands (sit, down, watch me and introduction to recall). Puppies can also stay for an additional 2 wks of Puppy Kindergarten Training following Pre-K graduation.  Kindergarten training includes: on going crate & leash training as well as building on the commands learned in Pre-K ( Introduction to place/settle, wait, recall, and kennel up), riding in the car, and grooming manners.   Our training programs allow families to enjoy having a puppy without all of the hard phases!


At Southern Aussiedoodles, our boarding services provide a comfortable, safe and familiar environment for your pet while you’re away. Your pets stay in indoor accomodations under heat and AC with a doggy door connecting them to a private covered outdoor run which opens up to a small group courtyard for supervised playtime. We ensure each dog receives personalized care, attention, and plenty of playtime, making their stay enjoyable and stress-free. Only our former puppies and their “fur siblings” are eligible to board with us.  A fur sibling is defined as any dog living in the household of one of our past puppies as we like to focus our efforts on family!

Puppy Nanny Services

At Southern Aussiedoodles, we offer specialized Puppy Nanny Services domestically as well as internationally to ensure the safe and comfortable transportation of your puppy. Whether you need your new puppy delivered to your home or require pick-up for boarding, our experienced puppy nannies are here to provide a seamless and stress-free experience. Our nannies are trained to handle puppies with the utmost care, providing regular updates and ensuring a smooth journey. With options for both ground and air travel, we accommodate your needs to ensure your puppy arrives safely and happily at their destination. Trust Southern Aussiedoodles for professional and loving care during every step of your puppy’s journey.

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